Saturday, June 23, 2012

Was That Buddhism..!

 I have had strange-meaningless dreams.Not that school-going-aspiration kind of dreams, the zonked-out-in-my-bed-at-night-or-day kind of dreams (Duh, everyone does.) I won’t claim I’m unique in this, people.

But still this one was a big holler.I just don't know where on earth they appear out of.I have heard this theory. When you’re asleep, your brain is sorting out all your thoughts and experiences, and categorizing them. Based on this theory, I imagine my mind as ... a dresser. With drawers. Or maybe more like a circular room with ... circular drawers? And something ... my brain, I guess, is sorting through my brain drawers and being all  like “What is this thing doing in the sock drawer?” (Not that my thoughts are socks. Let’s clarify that. My thoughts are not socks).  

Sometimes I try not applying  theories (embellished by my imagination) to my strange dreams. It does not always work, but sometimes I can trace separate parts of my dream back to real events and thoughts that happened in the daytime. It’s sort of like interpreting dreams. Except this one. 
So what I dreamed that I am getting a Buddha Tattoo on my right arm.And machine keeps roaring & I am still asleep.I mean for what heavens in the world I would be getting another tattoo!And as the dream went on I found to my surprise,there was this festival going on near my home.That was why all the buzz.I mean wake up already,Stupid-head!No one cared if you get a tattoo for some divinity in your head.When back home Ma asked "why another tattoo?!".Seemed like I have already set this answer pre-defined.That the rule was "All that we are arises with our thoughts.With our thoughts we make the world."So when my thoughts lead to the Buddhism,to persist it I would have to get a Buddha tattoo.Pointless.I know,right.But who said dreams are always have to be meaningful.Did I before?Well,I was just being another of those schmuck-head.Hold on.That's not it.Second verse,We were all gathered singing buddham saranam gacchami With Papa's strict voice.He always make it all async with his grumpy voice in our prayers.

Ahem.Pardon me for layers & layers of hypocrisy in my dreams.
Just a passing by thought: Earlier in the morning while I was catching up You've got mail moments,I kinda found to my surprise my father's voice & a-synchronicity did match with Greg Kinnear.He did bungle the rhythm always.Quote,quote :
The horn, the horn,
The horn sounds so forlorn..

Happy Sunday People.

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