Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simply Procrastinat-ed

I will do.I just will do it.Thing is,If the thing to be done remains the same or not.Lately,this is all around me.Small changes in daily routine & small changes in people around,are what having that impact on me and my friends,that at this point all we can say is we're Unstable.Gregory Isakov's Stable song even ain't working here.So I thought it in this way.Everyday when you feel like doing something or the marked thing in your daily planner should be prioritized.Hell,No.That's not it.Things pop up.One starter and thousand children.Where do they come from? Why do in the end I have to end a day up with un-done stuffs.Procrastination.My favorite job these days.I have just become so good at it.It's my own fault.And so let me rant.I really need to get over with it.Today I feel like a looser.For 3 reasons.
1.'Cause Office swimming pool's closed for 2 months! Ha.What am I gonna do.Don't know the plan of private pool dips are going to work out or not.
2.Laser surgery.Peeling of the skin is no fun.Ouch.I am such a goner.God,Save me.
3.Bunked office almost the whole day.Surgery killed my time and then last day swimming.Whom am I proving!I did not show my laser-ed face even.Jeez.I am really a big-time goner.

I need to work on avoiding procrastination.

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