Sunday, June 24, 2012

Time Without Consequence

Did you ever read the book "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"?The point of asking this is,if by any coincidence,You guys can catch what does it feel like when you live with a Huck Finn-Y feel.'Cause this is what the post is going to be or as in point blank,I AM BEING HUCK FINN-Y.That carefree life,freed from all schedules and jumping right ahead into an adventurous place,everything about non-ruled life.Now.How does that sound?Like real untethered.

I was swimming there and the water was that lucid that I almost could have counted how many number of bubbles are coming out after every breathing of mine.But I did not do.Inside water you tend to think a lot.Real lot.And then is when this latest read book thingy popped up in my mind.What if I leave my job and go for something adventurous things.Like I know these sort of thoughts hit me every now & then,but that does not mean,I am not adoring my current life.I totally do.This was as if just some Occasional-Houdini's-Escapisms-Sorta-Thoughts that attacks me.Great,let's truce out now.I,right at this moment discovered that I have Houdini's Syndrome.More or less,people of our age,all of them suffer with this.That feel of starting new & fresh,every second and dropping the current thing unfinished.Refer to my earlier post on Procrastination & you can say I am so full of this.The past couple of days have been so busy that I barely can do things I want to do.Well,I have been blogging everyday,then what more time I may need to do? The thing is,I wake up,make my lunch-dinner,go to office and then work and come back and sleep.This routine and all of the things defined in life makes it so mundane.I want it all sparkled and every moment should make me think of what is it at the next moment.That feel,when you do know life has this bunch of new candies and specially with different flavors,make it just enchanting.Anyway.These are just thoughts.Nothing is going to change in neither mine nor Alexi murdoch's life.For as long as he'd come up with Blue Mind song.
Time:12.52 PM.
Days Summary In Short:Woke up at 8 Am.Did some documentation.Made coffee and Dimer Devil(Bengali Dish).Decluttering as another week's ahead.Watched an episode of Satyamev Jayate.Cooked Lunch.Had lunch.Documentation till 5 PM.Talked to very old friend after dozens of days.Went for shopping Vegetables for the week.Back Up's done.Went for swimming.Some 20-ish laps at a go.I am yet to improve.Made it to friend's place and had group dinner.Came back at 11.30pm.Wonder how routine-d it's gonna be since tomorrow again.
 Alexi Murdoch's blue mind is in sync with mine.And we both sing,
"Got no time

Got no mind
For the line
In my life
No time to think
Time for sleep now
Time to sink way into the blue, dear"
Alexi Murdoch is both Nick Drake-y & Jack Johnson-y.His lyrical work is simple,yet always feels genuine.The album is a wonderful lazy summer album. The song-writing is superb and his voice envelops you in a way that diminishes your care in the things that are wrong.Orange Sky & All my days are the ones you can live/die listening to.


  1. nice post it has become a routine for me to praise your writings these days!!!

  2. Ankit :) Simply Elated that you read my posts.You have no idea since how many days I've been awaiting a new post from you.Looong time really.. Write up.!!