Sunday, June 10, 2012

Totall-Y Rain-Y

Hi There.Let me tell you this story.No.Not that I am one of those raconteur.It's just cause my situation shoved off,in the way that made me realize there exist one such big taboo.

You know that story of the Russian cosmonaut? So, the cosmonaut. He’s the first man ever to go into space. Right? The Russians beat the Americans; so he goes up in this big spaceship, but the only habitable part of it is very small. So the cosmonaut’s in there, and he’s got this portal window, and he’s looking out of it, and he sees the curvature of the Earth for the first time. I mean, the first man to ever look at the planet he’s from. And he’s lost in that moment. And all of a sudden this strange ticking; tick, tick, tick, begins coming out of the dashboard. Rips out the control panel, right? Takes out his tools, trying to find the sound, trying to stop the sound. But he can’t find it. He can’t stop it. It keeps going. Few hours into this, begins to feel like torture. A few days go by with this sound, and he knows that this small sound will break him. He’ll lose his mind. What’s he going to do? He’s up in space, alone, in a space closet. He’s got 25 days left to go with this sound. So the cosmonaut decides the only way to save his sanity is to fall in love with the sound. So he closes his eyes, and he goes into his imagination, and then he opens them. He doesn’t hear ticking any more. He hears music. And he spends the remainder of his time sailing through space in total bliss and peace.

How does it relate here.Hay-wired?!
What's wrong with our weather.The weather is going hot[When I say Hot,did I mention Despicable Me Not Cool  gimmick.Well,I am doing now.] and I can barely find the raindrops.Its all burning pieces everywhere.So here's how I find the way out,as in the guy in space do.Go to the below link.

And Yes.This song.Now we're talking.
I am almost back to Soul Surfer for Fifty-ish time.

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