Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Cause everything is never as it seems.

I just reached now.Everywhere I go,I am evaluating the situation.How valid the situation is.Do I sound like Seventies lady?!Or would I sound so,If I am gonna rant about some chicky-famous beauty parlour here.Least I can wait for to write it out.So here is the disastrous story of Hakim Aalim Parlour in Hyd.It's gotten reputation above head here.Lots of people recommend it.And what happened!!After having had a haircut I felt like the biggest schmuck in the world who paid Rs.2000.00 for a so-called "Rugged" look.
Almost a year ago I went to get my hair cut. Now,the lady asks me what I wanted and I went into the place just thinking I would get a trim.But at the last minute I told her that I wanted like 4 inches cut off.I don't know why I did it.I just don't know.Anyway.Then I proceeded to tell her that I didn't want a lot of layers.I didn't want it choppy.I guess she thought I said "I WANT a lot of layers"...because then she said "so you want your hair to look rugged."Lets think about that.Oh ya.NO!!I don't want my hair 'rugged'.I said NO,and then she started to cut my hair. 

Well.The freakin' lady went out of control.She was cutting my hair so fast,and so 'rugged'.She was going so fast...I just couldn't stop her.I get finished and I look at my hair.I hate it.Its rugged. Didn't I tell her,I didn't want It rugged? Well.I'm already miffed and THEN.I get home.The dang hair lady cut a CHUNK of hair right out of my head. It was about 1 inch long,right at the end of my part.Of all the nerve!! She didn't even tell me.RUGGED.So, anyway I am telling you this because TODAY while I was doing my hair I realized its almost back to normal!!I don't look rugged anymore!I look normal. 
So, this is a shoutout that Hakim Aalim ain't the nicest-coolest place neither anytime before nor now.People,Choose wisely before you invest.Thank you for causing me this grief.

*plus. if you were wondering....
rug·ged  (rgd)
1. Having a rough irregular surface. See Synonyms at rough.
2. Having strong features marked with furrows or wrinkles: the rugged face of the old sailor.
3. Having a sturdy build or strong constitution: a rugged trapper who spent months in the wilderness.
4. Tempestuous; stormy: the rugged weather of the North Atlantic.
5. Demanding great effort, ability, or endurance: the rugged conditions of barracks life.
6. Lacking culture or polish; coarse and rude: rugged manners and ribald wit.

Old story came with old song.Owl city Fireflies wasn't wrong at all.The then one-tracker read,
'Cause everything is never as it seems.
PS: This piece of music & ELTP days :) Happy-Thank-You-More-Please.

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