Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tired & Skating till the sun-rises

Well,Aloha.Of course the day had to go good,when you start of the day with such inspiring videos.So so loaded with work.I worked till I miss my dinner too.My veins hurt like they do always when I over-work.Swimming 10 laps only.And chasing traffic.Had a good meeting with the team.My Roomie is getting engaged this week.Yay.Yippie.Woohoo.We all are super happy.It's 12.03.32 am and I am so tired,like I can take a week off just to rest.But no sleep.Sweet Jesus,why does sleep always betray me!That colony road.So calm and dorky at night. None-else.I just feel like long-boarding there till the sun rises.
I am gonna buy one Hamboard piece soon.So elegant.Check out here.Long-boarding with this music and seeing the sun-rising from horizon.Life is too short that I do not feel sleepy but lost among 'em.

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