Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another day ends like this.

So I threw my bag to the window seat,cause Dipika'd go nuts if I sit there.It was 10.55pm.The bus was about to start at 11pm.So I talk to myself like this:

  • That recommendation rule on the T & M tab is not firing,Why?
  • At least I am over with night calls with family,so I can save the time back home now.
  • Shucks.I have not have single platter of food today.May be that morning cup of milk was all I had.
  • I do two things in my life.Either I overeat or I don't eat at all.
  • Cretins.They would come back and delay the bus again.Phew.

And I played it.My own moment with a special song at night.Here.Very cool songs deserve really cool videos.The lyrics is a bit task.No blow job with the trial of depicting the sketchy videos which gets horrible most time.Blood by The Middle East.The title is misleading as people may hover around the thoughts of Al Jazeera videos.But,guys,try this.Much more enlightening & a lot more to leave a smile on your face.

PS: When the song ends every time,they say "and there's nothing you can do about it now" & I always make the shuffle ON.Did I sound like a loser! Damn,I did.Whatever.I,at times prefer to be like this.#Happy-Go-Lucky.

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