Thursday, May 3, 2012

P.S. Ain't there a roll-back option!

Smooth day.Some issues.Swimming.Eggnogs.And more of those.And back home at 11pm.You know when you get time you tend to think a ton.Like a real ton.I thought I could roll-back some stuffs.Don't you feel that phantom limb syndrome.It felt the same.You have lost that part of your time,but it feels like I am not yet to present.And by time and time,You know,all's gonna get sorted out.And with this feel when I step ahead,the soliloquy which comes out as "Koi Na" rolls everything to back.I wish that could be a real voice.This soundtrack was all over the journey this afternoon and night.
"If I run just to know I am free,
Don't let me leave,don't let me be gone."

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