Saturday, May 26, 2012

Moti Opera Singer

Apni aankhen band karo.Socho.Kaun Hai woh Jiske saath ek pal bitane ke liye tumhe hazaar maut kabool hai.Kaun Hai woh!
I would literally retort Moti Opera Singer.

Boy.Susan.Have I been dreaming about her.This lady,the one I am ad-lib-ing about is like there in air around.I woke up and saw her.Goosebumps.You people have been watching it,it might be re-watching the 3 year old collection.But it enthralls me every time I watch her.The universe is listening & wonders can throng you anytime.So Stay Focused.Susan Boyle,I adore you.

When the winds go against you,
When the world goes not your way,
Defy the wind,
Go against the grain,
Defy thy woes,
Who said ..
We cannot
touch the moon,
And yet be real!

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