Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mission Impossible

Couple of months I have been chasing.Chasing for one thing that left almost all of my dreams ceased. Seigfried died a while ago.Beat that.It's just that I threw my passport somewhere,where it was the dankest.And now my miniature photo looks like half a raccoon.And the story ends.I am passport-less.

Guys,Listen up.Not that I am a lazy-ass who does not bother to reissue.It again happened to be like my hometown fellas at passport office are pretty busy in discarding thousands of application for no particular sane stuffs.And now I am here at Hyderabad,on my 3rd attempt to reissue one of those booklets which in fact  is my solemn target now.

I don't see a List of values in the drop down for Andhra Pradesh guys where to book yourself one appointment,online.This morning Ma called me telling the "shubh muhurat" for Libra people today.I was at my best to laugh.And then while I recap,my pointless failures in applying for one passport,abandoned my guts & made me go as per ma's time.It was 11.20 AM,5th May,12.I ain't kidding.I had to rush.Was left myself 30 minutes.And the auto guy was going with below soundtrack.

Every 3 minute intervals he'd turn back to me and ask a question which is not a question exactly. "Ma'am time kya hua.Aap tension nakko.Hum time se aage pahunch jayenge." And accompanied by a big-toothless-smile.

Woohoo.I made it.I made it at 11.13 AM.And like a fool,I called Ma.Like a premonition it was there in mind,I have my passport story.I made it to 11.20 am and stepped in.PASSPORT OFFICE IS CLOSED ON SATURDAY & SUNDAY.Another-out-of-my-mind-scene.Did I ever have an ounce of common sense in me.Possumed yet learned.Any-some-how I booked one appointment for me.

And hopefully I am yet to be over with this stuff.Not yet sleepy and the piece of music reads as,
"Run,run,run away
Buy yourself another day"
The Civil Wars In The Hunger Games: A duo made in heaven.Bingo.

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