Saturday, May 12, 2012

Counting Blessings

2 days have not been easy.You still fully not in to one project but you contribute what-ever have been asked for.You work.You eat and communicate.I have had a super chance of meeting this lady,who eventually share the flat with me and project too and these days my bed also.What more one can ask from a friend when we share the best-est of our emotions all the time and swimming too.Gem of the girls ever been with before.While I travel back home at night,I look outside the window of the bus.The lights on the roadside and the Doppler effect.Earlier some-days ago I had this urge of missing my Aai's lap and the lights far away at night.Now it's all rebound.I am amazed.Literally.This life that we lead has all in it.The calmness and the Happiness.I saw the fellas closing the shop at 11pm and heading back to home.I imagined how their lives would be.Some family folks waiting for him at home with dinner ready.And be some days of talks to share about.This simple life ain't it so great.Every gear,steps,paddles he made,he might be wondering how much more to make it to destiny.That target of him let him live day by day.Life as in Moment by moment.

My parents are at one place and my sis is at one place.Now when I call these two people every now and then,they are so indulged in trying out new recipes.Ma's been still baking cakes without sugar and awaiting papa's time to get home every minute by minute.And when he is back every night they would again start fighting over TV remote.And eventually watching nothing but talking to each other for hours and hours.And he still does that.No matter where in the world he would be,he'd surely wake Ma up at 3 Am & reminding her not to miss the Yoga.Ma's never been in need of setting alarm,just cause Papa's a early riser.I hope the saga would continue forever and let the whole thing be defined,Life's happening.Life being itself is so pure.

I wonder,No matter how happening or morbid,Happy or unsatisfied,Success & Failure,it is,It is what it is.And Right now after a scrumptious Weekend lunch,de-cluttering,everything just turn out to be as heavenly as it has always been.And the piece of music is Sing the same song twice.Well not twice literally.It is as iterative as it is,till the time it goes on.
Happy-soul :)

Have you started feeling the blessings around you? Do it.It would enchant you.
Well FYI,In addition to all it's gonna pour here.My rain-post is soon coming.
Peace out.


  1. Awesome writing. I was thrilled by this writing Word by Word.