Sunday, May 20, 2012

Still "Under Construction"

Days ago I was travelling to Koti. For These Two Books.
1.Strength Finder.
2.Now,Discover your strength.
Pretty much probably,You guys'd be thinking "Is she some teenager still on her way to find what she wants and what is the ultimate goal?".To my surprise,even while I was travelling my soliloquies were like this too.Why am I travelling for these books when I am half way through my life where Actions should get prioritized rather than the pre-thought-process.
There.I met this old man.Sixty-ish.Looked like some army-retired-persona.Yet strong & stout.
Sixty-ish Fella: Hi Beta.
Me: Hello.
Sixty-ish Fella: Tum idhar ke rehne wali ho?
Me: Nahi Uncle.I work here.Me orissa se hu.Do saal ho gaya idhar reh rahi hu.
Sixty-ish Fella: So Hyderabad tumhe kaisi lagti hai?
Me: Thik thak Uncle.Been into routined life.Friends & colleagues & Job.Keeps me occupied.
Sixty-ish Fella: That's it.How did you get busy & happy with routined life.Ain't you ever asked what more ? What else? Is this how you came across till now?
Me: Aisi baat nahi hai Uncle. :) Abhi time kahan milta hai what-else sochne ke liye.Office,kaam and near-future-plans.Bas.Aur idhar cheezen kya hai karne layak!
Sixty-ish Fella: Cheezen ?? Beta me Navy me kaam karta thha,kuchh saal pehle.Job khatm.Ab nikal pada jaaga ghumne.Logon se baatein karne.Mein adhha life khali paani me raha and surfing and baki kuchh sikh liya.Ab working on my teen-aged bucket-list.Travelling.I believe,I have been ignoring the real me since a long time.Did you ever have had a Bucket-list in your life?Listen to me.Start working on that.It's a small life and time'd fly and tumhe pata hi nahi chalega ke tumhare diary ke panno me kabhi ek to-do-list likha hua rehta thha.
Me: Smiles.[To avoid his rants in disguise,Just cause he didn't make,does not mean all are morons.]
Sixty-ish Fella: Beta me toh chala.Nice to meet you.
Me: Nice to meet you too.See ya Uncle.

He was still there in my mind all the way shopping till home.And when I came back,I found my diary Post,dated 16th Sept,08,reads as,
To-do List:
1.Rock climbing.[Guess the then hilly area inspired me.]
2.Volunteer at a Nursing Home.[Almost did it..]
3.Rocketry Paper & Project work.[Do not remember how much I succeed.Lost the documents too.]
4.Publish my book by 2009 end.[Were I nuts.Which book did I mean here.In fact I never started writing any.My bad..]
5.Get Tattoo-ed.[Done & Done.I guess I did not change much since then.]
6. Slack-lining/Biking.[No chance I am doing it in near future.]
7.Beat Ma In rope-jumping one day.[She gave me complexity here.Now though I did not beat her,I achieved this.Cause she barely does it these days too.Ha.]
That's it.How meager may this look like to me now,I still think I should/must work on it.And I kind of started thinking now,That sixty-ish fella is still talking to me.And PS: No matter how old are you,the construction processes of you being inherited every moment,is still going on.So That's it people.I am gonna work on half-written-half-forgotten-me. Piece of scintillating Music is,

"So may the sunrise bring hope where it once was forgotten,
Sons are like birds flying upwards over the mountain"


  1. lovely post!!!!! time to find those hidden ambitions and take them out of the box!!!