Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sleepless In Summer

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.Boys and Girls.Wow.Don't know why I just said that.Anyway. I am sitting in my bed writing this right now.It is actually 1:10:49 on the clock.Okay now 1:11:01.My bed lies right under the windows and me being in the mood for summer has the windows wide open. The cool nights breeze is blowing in. It feels so good. I want summer.Today was a pretty laid back day.I ran to some shopping marts.And then made a wonderful lunch and went to buy vegetables for the week.It truly felt like Summer to me.But then I remember what is to come on Monday. Office with swimming pool closed. (girl's shriek for sound effects.)

This feel of not swimming a day makes me sick.I just figure Monday out to be a bad bad day.And along with this feel everything sounds so wrong to me at a go.
"By "everything is wrong" I mean EVERYTHING. I look around me - I'm typing on a plastic and metal and glass computer perched on a desk made from cut down trees and toxic paint. I sit in a building made of wood and bricks that were taken from the earth on a street made of poisonous asphalt that was laid over an ecosystem that had thrived for hundreds of thousands of years. I'm clothed in cotton that was saturated with pesticides while it grew and treated and dyed with toxic chemicals while it was being processed. All of my possessions were made hundreds or thousands of miles away and shipped in styrofoam and plastic wrap via gas burning engines and destructive road and air ways to me. My food, although organically grown and completely vegan, is shipped from where it was grown to my local store and is often packaged in paper, plastic, metal, and toxic inks. I know tons of people that eat meat, smoke cigarettes, drive cars, use drugs, etc., even though they know that these things will ultimately hurt the quality (and length) of their lives. I live in an apartment building where no one is on a first name basis. I know more about idiot actors in hollywood that I've never met than I do about the man who lives next door to me (and is probably more interesting). While walking to work I inhale toxic exhaust from cars sitting in traffic. To make sure that eating 3 cans of oven cleaner will make you sick, or to make sure that pouring nail polish remover into your eyes will hurt you, we torture mice, rabbits, dogs, cats, etc.We cut down the rainforests to drill for oil so that we can drive to the video store. Do you see what I mean? Everything really is wrong. Even the back to nature people still drive cars and use products made from materials ripped out of the earth. People struggle all of their lives doing work that they hate just to be a functioning member of a system that is wasteful, destructive and unhealthy.
What I advocate is this a sensible, pragmatic, and non-destructive approach towards existence, we need to re-evaluate our practices. Just as it doesn't make sense to hire an elevator operator to run an automatic elevator it doesn't make sense for billions of people to drive to work alone in their cars. It doesn't make sense to consume animal products. It doesn't make sense to use pesticides on agricultural products. It doesn't make sense to derive power from nuclear, coal, and petroleum when we have solar, hydro, and wind power. It doesn't make sense to maintain destructive systems just because people earn their livings from them. It doesn't make sense to pour billions of tons of toxic chemicals onto our lawns so that they'll look pretty and green."
Found it scribbled by somebody.And now it's making me think and think.Do let me know what-cha think.
My Player's playing:The stable song by Gregory Alan Isakov.Which I hear every time I start doing maths.

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