Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Are you ready for the world.

I am in the middle of a movie.The very thought that scares me about watching is,it revised and trooped me to the past stuffs.The question is do we have to be safe to live this life?And by safe what are the limitation and avoidance of things that fears us.I have decided to do the things,that I have been avoiding since a long time.World is big enough to keep zillion different people.If by achieving my fear,makes me one odd fella so be it.I am gonna have to come up with my scary-part-list and way to avoid em anyhow.Well,these days,it's like uber-tiring time of time.That very feel of questioning all,right? I tried a lot.I couldn't swim for hours.You know those stretched varicose veins in leg,they hurt.I am waiting to be able to jump again.That 20 minutes while returning from office made me realize,our busy-life,problems,tiredness can all be gone by some perfect soundtrack.Music makes us alive and kicking.
James Taylor & Jesse Jordan,Thank you more please :)

"Cigarettes and cups of coffee
Wake me up to the world around me
Cars, trains and airplanes flying over me
Are you ready for the world?"

"There ain't no doubt in no one's mind
That love's the finest thing around
Whisper something soft and kind
And hey babe the sky's on fire, I'm dyin'
Ain't I goin' to Carolina in my mind."

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