Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Password Story

You know I am Insane.Right.You know.You might know,I have Insomnia.Right again.It's there in 'that's me' description part.It just happens to me like I become a sleepy-head whenever I do anything good,like studying.Talking to Ma.Eating stew vegetables in dinner.And when the moment comes,to hit the sheets,I go nuts about the idea of sleeping.I feel just like I woke up from a deep slumber every time.I was about to hung up on ma tonight around 4 hours before,when she started talking about what's-happening-to-aunty-who-knows-who.And my pretense was,Ma,I am sleepy.And it's 2.10am,I am now mustering to myself,why to waste such long nights on sleeping,where chances of dreaming is beyond my power.So let's just wake up and dream of what-not.My crazy ramblings goes like this.

Do I really have to continue here in the job?What if I am moving to Africa and fostering the kids there.How about I settle at Miami,and live with me and surfing.What if I do a journalism course and be a good columnist in a well-known magazine.What if I accidentally fall in love with a wrong guy in a month and get married the next month and screw up my total life!(No.This I never thought of.It's just my Freudian slip of the particular typo over the keyboard).Anyway,Night is for blah blah of hopes & wishes.You can think of all possibilities,like a total 360° view.Below is the very password theory of all weird ones.

Ever thought of creativity with your password!Of course,you lovebirds do.Like keeping the guy/girl's name as password.But that's pretty mundane,blokes.Try me.Start keeping your password to affirmative and most-forgotten-but-important-to-remember-names.Like earlier I used to have typical problems in remembering some band names.Like Bee Gees and Biffy Clyro alliterations.So I kept it like "beegeesaregaypeople" #justtorememberbyhowtheysoundnooffenseplease.I had a hard time in remembering Alanis's last name.So the password goes like "morissetteetiquettes"(etiquettes include her head banging and sudden jumping and over rated hair-posing.).And if you fancy some guy,by default,the password must be "iheartyouhughjackman"(Like the mundane one as I said).Else you can do little bit of self-uplifting by setting it like "msxyzisabigtimebitch123@".Every time you log in with this,you feel good about it.Or if you're one of those friend's family tree senior citizens and new to facebook,can set the password like "OBBSTSVBDDDYNP".Wonder what it is and how to remember?Well,it contains the first letters of the words of Gayatri Mantra.
"Om Bhuur Bhuvah Svah 
Tat-Savitur Varennyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayaat"
Ring a bell.I will take it as you remember it(My highness).It'd give you all total devotional and composed state of mind around every waste link inside your profile.So I see,you've started having the very feel of password and password related memories,with in that span of time when your log in page loads to your account's home page.No matter how spammed your account is,the very remnants of password still hover around your tiny brain & heart,adding a smile to your visage.

PS: To let it all charm just do not tick the 'remember me' button.
PPS:The above used passwords ain't belong to me at all.So back off  you stalkers.

It's such a beautiful night.I am smelling Frank Sinatra's I've got the world on a string here.

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