Wednesday, February 22, 2012


When you get overworked by your heart,do you feel that serenity inside of you? It just turns to restlessness.I am glad that the day ran and ran.And all I am saying is if you want a free mind and body,then try to tag along with all wind and tide that come on the way.Happy.Happiest I am.I am gonna have to share this.Today morning I just dreamed a weird one.Like my total office is half-submerged.And for communication we all are swimming to every work-station.Funny,right!Lately I have been so drowned in the thoughts of swimming,may be that led to it.Well,here's what I feel to tell the zillion of people around me.MOVE YOUR ASS.You sit.You think.You stare at the Work-station.You go to eat.You come back.You again start staring.You stroll for office bus.You come back.And you sleep.Is that all? How pathetic & pregnant one's life can be.Wake up.Here's what I did.And it's what called as waking-slash-walking life.Wake up early.Go to office.Have a breakfast.Walk faster and don't stroll.Do your piece of job.Talk to people.Share your emotions.Use the leisure.Dive to water.Do it as more times you can.Come back.Dance to the tunes.It's hip hop.Make dinner,not just for you,but for the family who stays the street near by.Have you been thankful to those people who once made chapati & curry for you?Well,you can cook for them once in a while too.Walk.Swim.Dance.Skate.Run.Talk.Cook.Sleep would follow you regularly.And you say,a day ends up happily.The task to be done by EOD should be:Tired skin,Cracking bones,Aching muscles.Cause these happen when your body worked & You lived the day.And it'd eventually be a Time-of-Athlete.
"Let your world be wide open
And your fears be blown apart
May your voice be louder than bombs
Somewhere in silence find one to trust"

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