Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meanwhile it bumped into me

I miss you.I miss you so badly.Those good old days.Those days when I wake up to see you and roam around my tiny old-town with you.My summer-rain-winter times.My school time.My inter-school competition time.You were the one behind my success,failure,happiness,gloomy days.Remember the day when I first met you.My Uncle introduced you to me.Funny,right.You sure were my pride then.Those days I could not remember a day with out you.You in fact were the one who were my time & place.I was certainly so enthused about anywhere i used to go.Oh,I miss my bicycle.It's such a cramped place and the traffic is so bad here,that the very thought of owning you again scares me.I wish,I'd be at a lonely and spacious place where I could bicycle more and more.No matter how curvy or uneven the road is,cycling never betrays you.Specially when it comes to the sidewalks,it enchants more.*sigh*

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