Monday, February 13, 2012

a timely post


You're gone.Or may you ain't just gone forever.Just a setback.

When you are deep down into contemplation of you being a bitch among Judas,searching for the existentialism through a haze of bong smoke,you tend to do only one thing.Music.Despite your coronary outbreak,you need to put on some music,relentlessly.Remember,music's the only way to maintain one's chi.So here I go.

"Don't the hours grow shorter as the days go by

You never get to stop and open your eyes

One day you're waiting for the sky to fall

And next you're dazzled by the beauty of it all"

Oh No.I ain't live a pop song.But definitely it goes here.The most right piece would be Foo Fighters.Boys you did a charm this time.

"I'm learning to walk again

I believe I've waited long enough

Where do I begin?

I'm learning to talk again

Can't you see I've waited long enough?

Where do I begin?"

PS:Where is she gonna put it all ?

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