Sunday, August 16, 2009

the other world..

Here i am...waking up a morning,walking around the garden can ever smell the serenity of the earth.After a long marathon of round about 22 years i am again stopped in a jiffy which is not affected of the earth rotation.The morning zephyr that's passing through is an harbinger proclaiming it's whisper to be cared about.Rather its not that tocsin which rings up each time in ours brain for a new cul-de-sac to be solved.Sometimes a blank mind is what we need desperately to be alive.It's been drizzling for ages.The shivering leaves of the teak trees is just standing for it's imprisoned silhouette.The halcyon around my home.....
A silent roar of the rain since an unknown predefined period is such complacent.Its an era of the conversation of the subatomic particles.Let them be without being spoken a single word.This world..the other world is meant for petering out the balderdashes i am into for such a long duration....And so on i am lost in one of the rain drops watering the plants again....


  1. hey swagatika.. nice to see you back.. and this post seems really enigmatic.., seems some random thoughts have been put through..

  2. hey thanks..well sorry for the late in my post.actlly i was a bit busy in my semesters..nyways thnks fr urs comments..hve a gud day.

  3. Hi Swagatika:)

    I am amazed at the torrential flow of your thoughts and I feel I am drowning in your well composed words.

    Sounds like the sleep walking scene of Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's play MACBETH.

    Have a wonderful day Swagatika:)

  4. @joseph sir.gud afternoon sir..thnks for the inspiration..but visiting urs blog yesterday i felt relly lyf is more than the way m upto..thnks for urs visionary blog..
    have a gud day!!!!!