Saturday, February 28, 2009


Suddenly when i heard that Dhenkanal(the place where i am studying) has gotten a book fair..i started thinking like yeah..this is what the elixir i've been into searching from a long time.Anyways as usual poo (It's of my best-buddy) was everready to accompany.So forth we started  ours journey with lots of topics to be discussed.Though the mart is of 4kms away we girls preferred  it by walking so that we could stroll upon lots of kiosks while enhancing our marketing fundas.She is a girl i could say who's into dancing and sporting very much.Well talking about I...I dont like dancing ever in my life & yeah about's a thing i would like to watch from a distance.Still we both make a good couple.So as usual i gave a gear to ours chat by talking about the very regular flick BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM's Jass.Well Well provided..each time something's gonna be started and i would sprung upon by talking about this flick.Though this has become one of those old movies but my mind is stucked in that movie & i would cherish by saying that i'm just addicted of watching this dozen and dozen times a week.So here goes the derivative part.I threw Poo a 64000 dollar question to which she made it a double rather than replying.SO here readers may take your own time to answer this.I mean why the black are always into playing the second fiddle from the very biginning??Gandhi faught in S.A against this.And he said we won...WON??A big damn to it.Talk about "BEND IT.." jass's been pushed aback called "blacky" by the counterpart player.Does it matter of being black skinned or white skinned??If not then why that guy in "TRAFFIC SIGNAL" was very busy in putting those fairness cream day and night dreaming of a fair skin? Sounds so crappy!!!It has become a credo in our society that "blacky" people are the sort of incompetent mutts.While it comes to bloody marriage business somebody can hear those statements like we need the fair skinned  bride or groom..As if it is the color of the skin that's giving them a morality or monetary supply to the life..salee!!huh!!It's the ever gaudy business i've seen in my life.Even sometimes we do sneakingly listen to most of the folks weirdo statements imposing upon some blacky who's been treated as the nightmare/frankenstein of their life.Pondering upon this 21st century people's gusto..!!!You can hear even in this century mothers,grandmothers,fathers all those protagonists busy in emitting the bullshits,if you want to be a bride kind of material put some turmerics or those branded fairness creams..haha..And put the TV on...where your tympanum will start vibrating hearing those "ek tukda chand ka.." like fishy adds.Whoa!! We just completed our shopping & reached hostel by talking about lots of things.But still this question remained unanswered yet...HOW PATHETIC!!!


  1. bt abt what thing i wonder is naturally fair skin ppl too waste their money on makeup..........haha

  2. hehe...thats very funny..neways but i dint get why they do all b dark or wot?

  3. Hi there :)


    Very interesting post!

    You walked for 4km. That's amazing. Good for health:) Your Poo must be a very interesting talker. Perhaps you wanted someone docile enough to listen to your incessant outpouring pent up over a long time about color of skin and you got hold of poor Poo who could not say no to you :)

    You watched Bend it like Beckham many times. I watched BOBBY and ENTER THE DRAGON several times.Any way what is Beckham bending? Beckham is a white man and still you saw him bending several times without getting fed up. In fact the British white is really white and not even attractive reddish white. Still you admire him? Amazing! And yet you wrote a gargantuan post about the prejudice of people towards dark color. You your self proved that you like white over other colors:) Don't get me wrong. You can contradict my statement :)

    People all over the world prefer fair color although many pretend for the sake of decency to like all colors. If a girl is dark, she parents will have to pay more dowry. Simple as all that :) This is the way of the world and there is no point in running away from it. In India, Black or dark color is associated generally with Dravidians and fair color with Aryans. Aryans were the invaders and rulers who are supposed to be superior to dark colored Dravidians. So there is always a superiority complex with fair people.

    If a fair person marries a dark person the chances of getting a dark child is more and very few wants to have a dark child as a descendent. That is why people look for fair brides for their sons. You are welcome to dispute my contention :) I am only ready to change my views,if you can convince me by logical arguments.

    In Miss World and Miss Universe competitions how many dark skinned girls won the coveted title compared to fair girls?

    See the amount of fairness creams being sold in India? And many more new brands are coming up every year! It doesn't matter you don't use it but millions of men and women and even children use it. Amazing isn't it?

    Therefore if some one wants to look fair it is not pathetic. It is the way of the world. A few people like you might think otherwise, but as I said, you are in the minority. This is the absolute unadulterated TRUTH!

    I admire you for your rebellious nature because many discoveries, progress and developments in this world are due to people like you. So be rebellious:)

    Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Those are absolutely fascinating. Wonderful post! Blessings to you and your family……

  5. @joseph sir....gud afternoon sir...well nice to abt ur choice abt flicks...yeah m addicted to this movie.but its nt abt that fair player.its abt a girl perminder nagra..who's been trying hard to hve a chance in foreign football league..n she succeed despite of her mom's denial...anyways its an ispiring story of a fighter..nd i love dark peopl as guessed wrong.....thanks for urs comment sir.gud day..take care

  6. @femin mam...thanks for urs appreciation....
    do visit again..gud day

  7. i am just a teenager!!! not a lady
    any way thanks for your kind words in my blog..

  8. oh yeah sry for u know the most interesting part is i searched for urs age nd i dint get it over urs a/ by golly seeing urs such prolific writings i thought u mussa bin elder to!! thx 4 dis valuable comment...chill!!