Sunday, February 15, 2009


well well at last my number has come upon.Its been the time i noticed that i was tagged by joshi sir,the spectrum of my cloud no 9 has become more intesified. Anyways i have never been into such higher hacienda since m into blogging.well here it goes...catch me if you can..

The age you will be on your next birthday:

A Place you would like to travel to:

Your favourite place:

Your favourite food:

Your favourite Drink:

Your favouriter pet:

Your favourite color combination:

Your favourite piece of Clothing:

The town in which you live:

Your first job:

Guess what the bloody heck!!Wel i am not satisfied with my present job..i am just like wasted over here..huh!!!!

Your dream job:

Bad habit that you have:

The first thing you will buy if you get a million dollars:

Your all time favourite Song:

I can persist with it if the whole life if a walky with this music is on...that's what my drift of sticking to one thing!!!!

Your favourite TV shows:

Anybody's there to guess what was the name of this show?? It was near about 8 years ago over national channel..can i hear somebody's laughing!! Well it's cause after my schooldays i've left watching the boobtube.This is the one and only i found stucked in my mind....

Full name of your significant other:

Your nickname:

Hmm...i guess everybody is aware of this awarded flick!!This gurl acted like a superstar over this movie...She relly rocks!! And the most interesting thing is that all of my friends do say i resemble her a lot!!!lol!!!!

Your worst Fear:

lol!! seems ridiculous..but i was helpless in my schooldays..whenever i saw these kind of folks...OMG..Its like i am gonna loose my identity for sure among these i always tried to run away from those situation..But later on i got escaped from this wrong notion..

The one thing you will like to do before you die:

So here i complete my episode.Its been very nice to play on this.Thanks joshi sir..And now folks it's your turn.I am tagging indrani,anurag,dhiren,paramveer,pawan,moffyTOTS,riversoul,rahul,femin susan,joseph sir...

Please do support in letting me know about you.If busy never matter..The cycle can again be started at any time..Good day to all of you!!!!!!


  1. Hey I already did this tag -

  2. yeah ..she is my rolemodel!!lets see how far m goin...n yeah thanks for responding.hve gone through urs tagged post..dats kewl..gud day den...

  3. Nice post, dear,
    But you haven't tagged me like you had said
    i'm gonna do it anyway

  4. Nice post...

    Hope u getta live ur role model....

    btw..if ya resemble Parminder Nagra...pray for Gurinder Chadda makin a "Bend it like Rooney or sumthin"..u gonna get first base den

  5. @moffy...wel thnks...r u gonna do it??
    wel keep visitin..

  6. @riversoul..wel m happy ..dis is the tym to unravel urs persona..go on ..

  7. @SS

    Din get ya..wat m i supposed to do?

  8. Congratulations Swagatika, you have done an excellent job and in record time too. All I can say is wow...I took over 2 weeks to do this tag. The photographs and the answers are just perfect and very appropriate. I have only one comment...CEO and boredom do not go together. The CEO's main job is to keep every employee in the organisation excited about their job and towards their contribution towards the goal.

  9. Hi Swagatika :)

    Greetings :)

    Twenty two is an age full of dreams, aspirations and achievements. You just float in the air building castles some you will achieve and some you may not achieve. Any way that is life. Best of luck!

    I understand Bangkok is full of action, thrill, amusement and a heavenly place to visit.

    I fully agree that house is the sweetest place to be. Now it is your parents house and later on a house of your own. You can start planning for your own sweet home right now.

    Your favorite food looks like frogs legs to me. Once my mother in law gave me frogs legs making me believe they were chicken legs :) She told me the truth only after I ate and I had a very difficult time to stomach it :)

    Coffee is good but too much of it is not good. Drink plenty of water. But I am no body to advice because I myself drink lot of coffee and tea :) I am just preaching :)

    Very sensible to have a rabbit as a pet. Sometimes you can make a tasty dish out of it :)

    Of all the colors in the rainbow I do not understand why you selected brown and black. It looks like a mystery to me. But then it is good be mysterious:)

    Your favorite piece of clothing is black with some scribbling on your chest. I can’t read it. I thought black was for mourning. I hope you are not mourning for some lost love. I am inspired by you. I have a black shirt which I never wore. Now I will wear it.

    Cuttack must be a lovely place since you are living in it.

    Your first job looks like a printed circuit board:) No wonder you are not satisfied:)

    Your dream job should be to become President of the United States but then CEO of a company is good enough, I suppose. But actually that lady looks like Kiran Bedi :)

    Hi, if you are bored stand on your head :) That’s what my son does :)

    With your first million invest in some property. I suppose that’s what you are going to do. Why not give it away in charity? You think this is a good idea?

    I really appreciate your taste in songs and movie shows and also the significant other although I am at a loss to understand what they really are. But then, you see there are two generation gaps. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

    The girl must be looking like you because she is also wearing black :)

    Nerds are interesting people but not good enough to marry I suppose. They will bore you to death:)

    I also wanted to write a book but some how I could not do it. So I started blogging and writing lengthy comments like this:) I hope you will understand :)

    WOW! I have made such a long comment! I can’t believe it!

    After all this , I have also included my name in your followers list. I hope it will be good enough.

    Have a bright and beautiful day :)

  10. @joseph sir..first of all thanks a lot for this long and full of enthu comments..while reading the comment i dont know how many times i ve giggled but for sure you've gotten very humorous power..well starting from the first
    thanks for ur wishes..about the food its not frog leg as u said..its prawn curry..what i love the most specially when made by my maa.
    and about coffee..i used to have this suggestion from my maa even..but i was helpless somedays before as i ve started to reduce this consumption..and making dishes out of rabbit!!!!sounds like tribal...eewww!!anyways good joke..
    and yeah favourite piece of clothing is not black.i mean it to graffitti T shirts..i love some scribbling over my T..It provide me the fundas of life....
    and my first job is studying..i am in 4th yr btech with electronics and telecommunication its obvious to b fed up by the boring ckt boards....and the song is of hillary duff's per the gap in generation yeah u may not like the music as a bit rock is added to it..but sir you please go through the lyrics(available on google)..its just damn inspiring..and about writing a book ..hehe...very funny comments...well sir yours comment always inspire me a per this time even..and thanks for being my follower..after all i have added one feather in my readers list getting one like you..keep blogging with yours amazing photography(i just love them!!) cr...

  11. @joshi sir...thanks a ton sir..its only you cause of whom i just got to spend some time about reviewing my personality what we people used to do very less cause of the busy life.Anyways about CEO-boredom..Hmm very important point..i ll for sure change my mind regarding this.Thanks for your noticeable advice..keep bloggin while letting me enhance my brain efficiency...take care sir!!!!!

  12. Hi....
    I love your blog and reading about a life so interesting and different....
    Keep up the great posts. Love, light and blessings to you and your family :)

  13. Hi Swagatika, Thanks for tagging me. Bubbly answers all! Great post!

    (Please spare me... may be some other time. :)_

  14. @femin mam...yeah thanks for responding...n for the blessings...i relly sometimes feel there is some magical power in elder's blessing..thanks...have a good day ...

  15. @indrani...wel never matter..thanks for yours response....and keep on showing us cool pics over yours blog....have a good day!!!!

  16. hey hi... gr8 answers there bt what exactly was that food? and i too wish i could get rid of 'gettin bored'.. thanks a ton for ur tag.. i'll 'untag' as and when i'm able to acquire my answering images :)

  17. 1 more thing...u sure u'll get dat impressive edifice fr a million bucks????

  18. or u takin into account a huge recession depreciation???

  19. @mofffy..dint get...million bucks for what??

  20. @anurag...well that was prawn curry..i luv it..wel wel m waiting when u r gonna untag this...keep njoyin..

  21. i meant da huge glass-pyramidal structure u wish to buy wid ur first mill../.

  22. @moffy...wel i am interested in buying the pyramid..dats a pyramid..i know the cost is more than da provided money...still i ll mmake loan wid dat amount to have!!

  23. hey dat serial is aarohan,,,nd when i used 2 see pallavi joshi in dat,,,i was like woww i too wannna go 2 dat navy u r not d only fool watchin dd national :D

  24. nd its really cool yaar u haf ans all d ques thru sum brilliant pics,,,,,
    nd dat bend it like beckham wala pic is d best 1.....dimaag lagaaai tu :)

  25. @anonymous..surbhi.hey !dekhi ..m not dat dull even..i got a talent streak..thanks for d comment yaar.

  26. @surbhi..u dont have comparison fast..n recognised d serial....dat was d best serial i hve been into...n urs too i guess....dose days!! sigh.cant i get em back.neway thnks be.