Sunday, February 8, 2009


That was a deja vu sort of scenario where each morning the street guys are busy in beating up the regular street dogs in animalistic ways.And specially who cares when it comes to the messy grandiose finale of any repertoire.It depends upon the situation at which rate the number of animals will decrease or increase.While on a sunday morning the ever barking dogs were gormandising the left scraps the crane left one or two of them died.Nobody was aware of the dogs as more often people were happy seeing the lessening in the number.Again who has gotten a time to count upon the siamese dogs those stay only based on the name of pollution.
Gobbling up the mixed bacterias and all viruses those animals move from one urban to another in search of their most al fresco they end up with some malicious scraps which cause a donnybrook followed by some of them leaving the world.They bark ,avioding the rappochement all the time and at a certain wink nobody predicts the increasing lacuna among them.After all who cares,rather than their own family members who are on the way to the spoilt jericho.Is there any eye winkling from the window to adduce the death of those lives...Ahem!!!


  1. its really rare to see someone so compassionate abt street dogs.. although they live and die as they usually do, noone gives a damn abt their dismal lives.. nicely written post..

  2. Humans are the worst spieces on this planet !!!

    These animals are poor souls who have been endangered by us !

  3. @anurag...thnks...but still folks can try to bring dis to da site ov peopl..hope sumhow i got succeed..
    neways do visit da blog again..

  4. @dhiren..hmm....v just need to realise it...

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