Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Rounded,hexagonal,multigonal brick
pieces used to seem like platinum.It
revolved with a great
speed(accurately not
measured),heating another of same
kind.But here speed does not matter
the most.Here the number of fallen
items are the things which is
ragarded as the chief.Jumping heither
theither the 's' and 'p' contaminated
water gives them a fight...or may be
a superficial law,made by the
director..For them America is a
metropolitan city of India.The great
wall of china is the boundary of
Indya.If gandhiji is the father of
the nation then who's the mother???And again the nation symbolises how
many brothers and sisters...?These confusions arise from the
mind..But no such a school is there
which can answer this...But when they
started searching about this ..the
whole platinum pieces fallen
down..Hey some 'x' got the highest
score..She should get the prize..The
one who scored the lowest should also
get the reward..i.e (For the former
got an extra 2 days vacancies & the
later got an extra 3 days works in
the roadside
entries..groundhogs!!).They were
below age 15..They are the
meteors...Is there any process of
converting that meteors to the


  1. Hello....
    Very interesting and funny... Don't search mother of nation.........
    thanks for sharing.........

  2. hi..great HEAVILY INTERESTING post.......many time i too think hw many bro n sisi i hv nationwide....LOL!!!

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  4. @femin..hey i was wondering abt it lotsa times..dats why it came to my mind.but all of trials of gettin the mother were in vain ..anyways..thx a lot for urs comment..
    gud day..

  5. @paramveer..hey thats what the minor things make us ponder about a dozen times...thnks for yours comment..gud day

  6. What a mindwrk inexplicable masterpiece......V need nt convert meteors in2 stars!!
    coz they 'll qustion the vry existence of stars!!let thm find it out thmselves!!