Thursday, January 15, 2009


Oh...yeah..You must have been pondering about the legendary love story of that suave hunk john cusack and Kate Beckinsale...While i am churning out of
memories of some thrilling experience of my life.Well, one can call it the polemicist of a sophisticated oriya brahmin family,yeah atheist word will mostly be appropriate for my post thinking while i was in the mood of experimenting and so on my hell was full of gaffe.And those
eulogistic prayers of my family to "Sri Sathya Sai" was pinging some malevolent quotes upon my head.Oh..i was revolving around the 8th circle of those bloody rules of my family(specially when it comes to sacred rituals..huh..).

Often i sit alone in my garden after a long hardship duration of my studies yelling some soliloquies to my obsessed mind and then the whole thinking follow towards that man who resembles jakir hussain of the then TAJ TEA ambassador...and why maa &
papa are like hell busy in worshipping him.I was like ballistic at their utter foolishness..phew!! But i was not aware of the fact that my so-called "giving-a-damn" technique to the snake-hood like hairy man could lead me to "serendipity".

The day i thought of experimenting the then pied-piper who can reveal the inner me showed me his capability by making somebody other as the winner in the debate compitition in an unconventional way.Yeah..i really mean it 'cause i was there trying to
get his whole plan.And how it happened even i don't know.But it happened anyhow.And those sudden appearance of lots of unknown folks in my life and helping me anyways.Who were they exactly even if i'll start searching them over google i can not get their identity.Before taking
some very important steps in my life the man who appeared in my dream and uttered some words though i didn't get them or could remember them,still there was always some hints through which i have reached till now the present life.

I put my whole fortitude thinking myself as the iconoclast in revealing his identity(the real power behind his name).But more i was trying to be out of this the less i could keep away of his blessings.One night while thinking a lot of my real conuest i slept and then i saw the 2-D photo of him converting to 3-D with some little clarification.Like his smiling become more prominent
and even till now i am sure that was not my hallucinations.Now i can get how wrong i was about him.The man who can surely make time travel possible in a jiffy what einstein took lots of years to prevail the funda.Thanks maa and papa for making me try some experience hitherto.I feel now the effect of yours sacred rituals on me.Felicitating that supreme power for getting one number increase in his devotee's list.Hmm..i can say now those "serendipity" forced me to love him.signing off with sathya sai's blessings....


  1. Nt how 2 react to da post.... da feelin u preparin/prepared fr GRE... :)

    And yes....abt head's eternally ina spiral whenver i try comprehendin its ways

  2. Corerction

    nt sure how*

  3. @hitch writer ..thx sir...
    hve a gud day..

  4. @moffy ..not exactly.. m preparin for XAT...
    i dint point religions ..rather i pointed 2 devotion 2 sum power..
    n i dint get which correction u mentioned??

    neways do visit again..
    gud day

  5. correction in my above comment*
    first line :)

  6. Swagatika: I have a tough time reading your shorthand... don't make sense of some words too... I am ancient, you see. Since this post is about Sathya Sai, let me give you my experience too.

    I was in Puttaparthi from 01 Jan 09 to 03 Jan 09 and was lucky to have His darshan on three occasions. The three days were really blissful.. I had cut myself off from all media and just lived a peaceful existence, recharging my spiritual batteries, like Baba says. It helps to understand what is relatively more important in life... the lesson stays for sometime till your senses overpower you once again.... and you go for a recharge. Nobody can describe to you the taste of jaggery, or the smell of the dry parched earth when the first rain drop falls... as well as when you yourself experience it. Same is with all this spiritual business..... nobody can ... you have to experience it yourself..

  7. @j p sir ...gud afternoon sir..well i have decided not to use those shorthand writing more..happy sir!!i am too glad that you got the chance to see him..and even for me as getting one of his devotees..baba is like everything to my family and me ofcourse..
    hope everybody can understand the positive aura around him and to get in touch of that.
    wishing you very gud day sir...

  8. oooooooo!
    may god bless you and have a happy day.nice and interesting post.

  9. @ femin...thx ..n wishin u da same..go ahead

  10. hey its the second time i m here.....n frm the very frst time i hv become ur fan.......gr8 word choice..........LOL

    i cant suggest u anything as u r quite senior....yet if u make some grammatical error good...then it will surely help.

  11. @paramveer..hey thx yaar...seniority does nt matter in writing n sharing thoughts...
    u can suggest ...
    hve a gud day..

  12. Lovely post!
    One needs such gentle and soothing words frequently.

  13. @INDRANI...hey thx a ton...n thx 4 following my blog too.....

  14. nice work.. god does make his/her presence felt sooner or later..

  15. @anurag ..yeah very true..newys thx for the comment...