Wednesday, December 9, 2009


While I was in class1, I remember one incident vividly.
May be it's because the kind of occurrence is tautological till now.
And as I’ve been here and now since then I feel like somehow, some of the things are related to that.

That was a Saturday morning. I was practicing some new tantrums to throw upon papa for not going to school. But like everyday I failed to maintain the drift being at school where
Everything was alien to me except the break time. When I returned from the school "Tuka nani"(my childhood caretaker showed me the great discovery of her. Guess what? That was a bird. While that was carried out for the scrumptious meal of the vultures, it fallen over my roof. It was awful. But then again we both tried our best to make it alive. That was so numb. So soft to feel. Each time I was about to touch that, the squinted eyes would scare the hell out of that. Days went and with that my new friend started twittering. Gosh...What an amazing feeling! I ran, from house to house in my colony declaring about my friend. Everybody was so happy! But certainly the biggest fear of losing the bird creeps up into my mind. The next moment i went to the market with papa and bought a beautiful cage to put my dearest bird inside that. And i was visualizing the more days were passing the less was the twittering. The dazzle in her eyes was about to diminish.

I was asking my maid again and again why the bird was not twittering. But she was a dumb. And one day waking up in the afternoon i saw the cage was empty. All hell broke loose. Burning in anger i ran to "Tuka nani" charging her what she has done to the bird.
..."I LET IT GO TO FEEL THE FREEDOM”. She replied calmly. And then i was the dumb crying unnoticedly.There i was standing on the terrace, trying to hear the twittering beyond the horizon. And then i closed my eyes, tried to feel” how it feels...While my lost bird is flying in an open sky".

I'm missing my tuka nani and the bird who taught me "LOVE LIES IN LETTING IT FREE..."


  1. Hi Greetings:)

    Very interesting and educative post. You have beautifully brought out an amazing truth that any thing that is kept in captivity looses it sheen and magic just as the bird lost interest in twittering. At least your caretaker was intelligent enough to understand it and let the bird go free.

    Even our loved ones will get upset if we excercise too much control over their movements. Every one want their freedom and any restriction on freedom will only create problems and misunderstandings and relationship is likely to shatter. I remember reading something like this- IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING LET IT GO FREE. IF IT IS YOURS IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU. IF IT GOES AWAY YOU DID NOT POSSESS IT IN THE FIST PLACE.

    Have a nice day:)

  2. hiiii ...itz relli amezing dear... n very heart m speechless..keep writin dis kinda article...god bless u...

  3. @joseph sir....thanks a lot sir for your enlighting kind words..

  4. @miki ..u r speechless! my goodness!if one of my single article can make world's great blabberbox speechless..den how about the whole blog...i am obliged to your show off idiot..:P