Monday, August 10, 2009


Decades ago while i was just into my schooling...Being
hell busy with my buddies in some bloody balderdashes
somebody superior mentioned the talents that were sparking
on everybody's eye sclera..Everywhere i went,this talents had become a matter of
discussion.And in the end of the day while rendezvousing
with some relatives somebody again started the same
thing.That's been discussed the whole day.Those had become
the CHEF D'OEUVRE over the day of some hectic schedules.

Life it teaches us all and those ilk which
remains ever numb it makes it dazzled..The aspects should
be the core thing what one is afraid of.cause it's been
waiting for a long turn on its side to be unravelled.SO What we are waiting for!!!

Let's achieve the prospect..put fight!!!!


  1. Hi Swagatika:)

    Welcome:) Welcome:) Welcome:)

    I am thrilled to see you back again.

    I am fascinated by this enchanting post especially the last few words---LET'S ACHIEVE--PUT FIGHT!!!

    Amazing words, inspired words, courageous words. You spoke like a born leader.

    You gave a clarion call for achievement. Yes, God has given us talents to use and achieve name and fame. We have to compete with others for achievements. We have to fight for our dreams, hopes and success.

    Have a wonderful day Swagstika:)


  2. hello..sir..thnks for making this blog alive by urs comments..actually i was a bit busy in my studies n my could not dish out your amazing articles.but now i am back wid a resurrection..thanks a lot for yours comment..have a good day..