Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hey all bloggers who's passing by this blog hang on for just a jiffy.While going through my studies i've gotten some real strange words,very difficult topronounce,but yet enough interesting to deal with.Anyways for me i find them quite captivating.So i just wanted to share it with u fellas.have a look at'em n cherish the verbosity..

TARRADIDDLE:something pretentiously nonsense,abracadabra,gibberish,balderdash,claptrap,blether,flibbertigibbet,brummagem etc.
CAMARILLA:a clique that seeks power usually through intrigue,junta,cabal etc.
BROUHAHA:an uproar.
TROGLODYTE:a cave dweller.
VALETUDINARIAN: a sick person,morbid.
JAMBOREE:a large boisterous party,bacchanal.
SALMAGUNDI:radicchio,fattousah,a salad or mixture of different food items.
QUIDNUNC:scuttlebutt,gossip or rumor.
GALLIMAUFRY:a collection containing variety of sorts of things,hodgepodge,potpourri etc.
NEBUCHADNEZZAR:a very large wine bottle.
TCHOTCHKE:a box used for keeping valuable things,whatchamacallit,bric-a-brac,smorsgasbord,bibelot etc.
DOPPELGANGER:a ghostly double.
BALUSTRADE:a staircase railing.
METHUSELLAH:very old person.
MOUCHARABY:a lattice worked balcony.
HORRIPILATION:goose bumps.
RAZZMATAZZ:a double talk,vimzing etc.
GUERDON:a respective reward or payment for what one has done,comeuppance etc.
DISHABILLE:the state of being carelessly or partially dressed.

Hope everybody's on the ground...Have a good time...


  1. I dont think i knew even one of the above..

  2. nice strange collection this.. though it intrigues me what kinda "studies" have these words in seem to be preparing for mba or something..

  3. @hitch writer..yeah its seems too tough n at the same time useless even while v consider ours lyf beyond d mba...nyways thnks fr urs comments....hve a gud day.

  4. @anurag....yeah rt...m preparing for mba...thnks for urs response..hve a gud day.

  5. Take this one too...
    (the fear of untoward happening on friday the 13th)
    have a nice day

  6. well thnks a lot..i knew the meaning of the first one...schadenfreude means getting pleasure by teasing others...but the last one seems very new ..thanks..n have a good day..

  7. Hi Swagatika:)

    Very interesting post. I only knew 3 words. Clearly shows how much I know:)

    Have a nice day:)

  8. @joseph sir..thank you i know yours yours comments are always uplifting and encouraging this time also it has proved.thanks for the comments.
    have a good day.....