Tuesday, January 6, 2009

VAG-A-BOND mind!!!

Why the people can not ever get out of those past years itch.And if they are into all these they should get their objectives as soon as they update their new weapons.But at a time when if lots of things are done that lead to a great ambiguity.And the way she thinks may be nobody thinks.That's why she is inside a lightened aura while other people search thereselves in the utter darkness.well,now she entered into the evolution of the earth.wel let's make a list of those god's creation..If every living creation would be written on a single years calender then 1st jan,12.00am would represent the creation of amoeba or any singlecell creatures.They would have last till the february.Then there may be some aquatic life till the end of february.Then the amphibians would have created till the end of february and will continue on its own form may be till april.And so on april leads to some terrestrials.And likewise till lots and lots of amphibians would have got their evolution upon earth till december.Let's consider the dinosaurs came on 25th december and homosapiens arrived on 31st december 11.45pm.Wel now its inferred that we people have only completed 15 minutes upon earth.And what we have done.The normal people have got success in maintaining their daily life.Some got distracted out of it.World is predicting its 3rd world war with lots of nuclear weapons ready to be launched.The virtual life is at its verge.People very rarely aware of their sorrounding.Creativity is just screwed.And some revolution in some natural resources. Certainly a loud outcry came out of the room inside.She returned.So she saw 2 lil kids were ighting for a cadbury choc. what they lost while fighting.So she offered them to go with her cause some of her relative is a cadbury products factory owner.So both of the kids kept quiet and after sometimes they agreed even.Now 3 of them returned to the so-called home-sweet-home while two were expecting a dream cadburry heap..And the third one is out of her conquest of aim.