Friday, August 10, 2012

Primal Time

Paid leaves are forced to be good.Boy-o,what a lark.I did not waste a time of this time and that's what I got to scribble about this day.It's been dank for the past couple of days.I did outsmart the weather over this non-sinecure job.Read out timely. Met old kid-buddies.Hardik is on his way to school project of helping blind children around here.I adore and helped him in moving home to home here.And yes,we did good.It was Rs.450+ after total colony kids.Bugs are timely sobered up.I am happy that it's not just those times when I felt like not having a spine.This time,I got it and would keep on getting it.Snapping out of the funk that exam's gonna be good and soon I'd be jabbing along stuffs around.Despite our cisco router failure,8 beam-ticket-reminders-and-no one's-showed-up-case,one broken bed in the other room,shortage of gas in kitchen,3 hours of power-cut everyday,clogged sink,extra 5 people in our flat, not entering to the malls seeing 70% discount, I somehow feel is not bad at all.What I am getting at is "You can not always do the litmus test".Sometimes it's just go with it.
Mood: Complacent
Time: One of those rare evenings
Weather: Monsoon
Food for the post: One mug eggnog and toast
Soundtrack: What a wonderful world


  1. Lovely!Hope ur exam for certification went well though!

  2. SFDC 401 certified :) Thanks & Yes. Welcome back :)Time's gonna be great here now.

  3. yayy congratulations for the certification! Happy that u've finally nailed it...

    & of late I've not been getting some topics to write..May be I should start writing random stuffs now!

  4. You better.Waiting for a take on return to Bangalore.