Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jazz Time

Aloha.Time 12.37am.I am tired to the bones.I got a bed nicely-made right in front of me to crash on.But what am I doing is, analyzing accents.We had this funny call set up this night with bunches of onsite guys.Couple of them were British and imagine my happiness. I'm like head over heels for their accent.We know it's just no case of Medulla Oblongata,but still.And when we talk British, their slang have the particular taste.Oh ,Mate,I can not just scribble the total part now.Super-drowsy,I am.Stick around,I will come up with a big post soon.
And you really don't wanna miss the below jazz.
Let's just call the whole thing off.

Quel Night :)


  1. Try catching a Guy Ritchie movie.....

  2. Guy Ritchie.And Ankit speaks.Sure Will do.