Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dunkaccino Over Sir Downey Jr.

Al, Al, Al.........
Maybe I accidentally hit my head recently and maybe as we speak I am living in a hallucinogenic alternate dimension within my own subconscious, but wasn't there a time when Al Pacino was one of the greatest actors of.. well my uncle's time ?
I mean, the dude was a respected actor, wasn't he?  Scarface, Dog Day Afternoon, Scent of a Woman.  I even seem to remember him being in a little independent film called THE super-tramp GODFATHER!!!! (although I do believe that in the U.S. release, they dropped the 'super-tramp' from the title.
You know what I did last day.The moment of sheer happiness out of Robert downey Jr's Sherlock-II caught me into a resemblance when he shouted "Fashionably you have me as an ally"...There. Pause Now.Did he just look like Pacino.I believe more of Siamese twins. Two genius of the time and now looked alike.And I had to see Pacino when I remembered him then.Here's what my minimal slyness in finding the most-matching picture of both.
(Really!! How do it come off!!)
 IMDB-ed and to my surprise every damn ones been revised 10+ times.There I made a decision like Jack & Jill.Oh,Go ahead and laugh at me,If you don't want to do for Adam's talent of Razzie there.
You remember that piece of shit film, don't you?  It's the movie where Adam Sandler puts on a dress and plays the part of his twin-ster (My Bad...TWIN SISTER!)Yes, you read that correctly.  His SISTER!  Do you get it?  Adam Sandler is a GUY!  And he's dressing up like a GIRL!  Holy shit that is some funny stuff!  Why hasn't Hollywood ever thought of that idea before???I knew it was going to be awful.The idea of switching from Robert Downey Jr to some clank version of the Razzie awarded one where Pacino appeared,Right!!But the thing is, it's NOT awful.

It's......  It's......
Honestly, I don't have a word for it.  Calling it 'awful' would be an insult for all the fine things in this world that worked hard and busted their ass to attain the title of 'awful'.This movie left me speechless.And it's not so much because of Adam Sandler.  Mr. Sandler has LONG ago proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can't make a funny movie. So, I wasn't surprised there.Let me make a statement here.Those people who call they can make people laugh aren't exactly the ones who do.It's the grumpy ones always work out properly.
No, what threw me for a loop was the fact that he got AL PACINO to star in this movie with him!
I still can't wrap my head around it, but let me summarize the movie in a nutshell for you:
Adam Sandler has a twin sister who is a pain in the butt  Adam, meanwhile, owns an advertising company who is going to lose his business if he can't get Al Pacino to star in his new Dunkin' Donuts commerical, advertising their new coffee, the "Don-Cachino".
I'll fast forward about 84 minutes, and just ruin the whole movie for you by showing you the final 2 minutes.
You ready?  Ok, here we go......
Here we end with Happy-Don-Cachino-Sunday-Post.In case you've had the slightest misfortune to try it.

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