Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mustang Sally

You Guys. I am damned.Dejected.Ever feel like a walking train wreck? I am now. Yep. Rants ON. And you sure want to know why! Cause my mom scolded me.I am one of those skanks who never listens to parents. Today she had this day-dream that I am gonna fall ill and she called me to keep on warning not to keep my Bus window open as it's been raining almost all day. We're having a bad-weather-day here.And of course I would not bear the very idea of sitting on my ass being claustrophobic there. I ignored her and here I am blogging up with wet-eyes and sore throat and doomed feel.What hurts the most is,I am gonna have to cancel my morning swimming plan tomorrow and switch off the fan tonight.Yikes.Talking of swimming,let me tell you, I ain't anymore that girl in a small-town who was craving for barbie-doll figure.I do swimming ,cause I love the rhythm that flows from toe to head.It's the way the hands move after each other in a sync and the legs flap,and the way you can see the ground below 9 feet lucid water.Everything.That could be so captivating that I can spend my whole life swimming.People run after barbie doll size.I mean seriously.Barbies are dolls. They are to be played with. Nobody has ever figured out what a Bratz doll would look like in life size with the same proportions ...or maybe they have... my guess is that it would have a rather difficult time supporting its ginormous head.

I recently read an article somewhere tearing apart Mattel for selling barbies. The article took the stance that Barbies are responsible for setting unrealistic expectations on our bodies growing up. I don't know about you ladies - but Barbie? Nooo. They let their best to curl the strangles of hair to barbie sorta. I also noticed that they are very aerodynamic when launched at my cousin's feet first over a decade. Why would they stop now?
Stop blaming a plastic toy. I get that Hollywood places unrealistic expectations that women sometimes feel pressure to emulate. But as long as the world is turning - they will have plastic dolls with long legs, teeeensy waists AND they will have some kind of pageant awarding women for something that they had very little to do with - genetics and hair spray. Don't get me wrong; some of these ladies are very committed to healthy living and to working out - and god knows I get how hard that can be since I work my ass off - some have even demonstrated some impressive levels of academia... but mostly people - they are there because they have mastered the most important skills of all; teasing their hair, putting just the right amount of Vaseline on their teeth and knowing which heels will really set that jeans off.... I still watch the shite. I still play with buy Barbies (for my uncle's daughter...) Can't help it. We're just a bunch of critical enablers.My point is - I think blaming Mattel for poor body image makes about as much sense as blaming a toy company because you couldn't find a real pink pony with wings. Unless someone actually has... in that case - I want one too...
I may find our twin barbies with one eye gone somewhere under the bed this time during the next break to home.And then I may think of my old days while I & my Sista wasting entire evening making a polka dotted matching hand-gloves, and on the very holler of Maa both of us would hide it at certain corner of study-room that we could never find it back.To our surprise again after ages of exams and years you find it under the sofa-set and there is a spider living inside it and then you are traumatized and then you have to check those hand-gloves too haven't become an arachnid haven..Oh I miss every little corner of my home and those piles of old books on shelves and father's umpteen bills and receipts under the teapoy sheet and most importantly I am totally a goner with my words and my sore-throat. I am that sick. Gotta scoot. May be 3-4 Namcold along with Crocin would kill my cold.I can not even read what I am writing. To hell with coldness & may be fever by this time now.Go away. G'nyt.

PS: Inspiration for the post: Mustang Sally.Wilson Pickett just picked up my mood in doomsday like this.But hey.I am not Sally and don't either own a Mustang.So don't you judge me.


  1. on the health: take care
    On the blog: Excellant
    On the Barbie: Kiddish yet truth
    On the Mothers advice: Listen
    On the Memories: Epic
    On the Swimming: Carry on.......

  2. On the comment: Hell of a guy You're!!! :)