Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Counting Happiness

It's just my small life and more or less good people around me.I do have a plan and do conceive to the fact that when I'd grow old,I would never repent a penny worth.Time's been good.Now when I was reading the blogs of different people's life, I see "Happiness always comes in king-size."It's just us who forget at times to count it.So lets start counting happiness before a slumber tonight.
1.Bean bag and balcony.
2.Soft & cold wind.
3.Less starred sky.It's ok.We got much more to focus on.
4.Crickets chirping around.
5.Fresh sheets in my room.
6.Window open and through which you can see the moon occasionally.
Thinking about nothing literally and listening to this soundtrack.
G'nyt & being thankful for everything is good,right ? :)

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