Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ernie's Mood

On an Independence Day like this,who sits at home and mulls over stuffs to do.After morning rumination on how jobless I am, I had to preclude good things out of my to-do list of the day.Anywhos why ?Cause it's damn-awaited independence day.People wait for this day to close shops and doze off a gala time. I buy this too. So I am gonna have to doze off too.Not that all. Other than that my inquisitive mind is up to checking every possible payment receipt of electricity,hired stuffs, Phone bill,Alteration bills and call them to yell at with ballistic reasons. Joblessness is the mother of cruelty. Not unfathomable though.Engrossed with Sherlock Holmes and Family Guy. Weird duo,right!! No. Not at all.Get the below video on Radar and you will see how Lord Blackwood and Ernie had resemblance in their way of dying. Simpatico,Where art thou?!

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