Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ladies Night

Pacing Up.Days are busy. No,not that busy but depicting busy day wouldn't hurt much.Catching up 1000 things at the same time would hurt rather.My new book got started.Let me tell you what I am up to.How many cheesy stuffs I am wrapped up with.Holes in Brain,Literally.

I got started with Shopaholic Abroad by Sophie Kinsella. Why don't they come up with Rebecca Bloomwood shits afters Confessions ... Cause People like me dig that shit.And then bummer.The five year engagement plan,Made Of Honor,When In Rome.I ain't kidding.Well Slumdog and so very oliver twist sagas may go to ad nauseum era for the time.Fundamentals and values,Oh they come and go. At times crocky movies happen to light up. And Yes,Over-swam.So after all this head full of chicky-flick and book,I am not gonna say I am always right. But kinda happen to be like I AM. 

Exhibit A.

Last night, after doing this dishes (that’s right… I do the dishes. I’m the lady who handles office piece of job,calls,swims a lot,gorgeous roti maker, AND good with my hands!), my best-y-roomie sauntered over, and the following conversation took place.AFAIQ,She is the suze in confessions of a shopaholic who bear a inquisitive mind and demanding(That's cause I at times surrender myself for her sisterly care and delivering my bed-tea in the morning.)

She: Why aren’t all of the glasses in the drainboard?
Me: What?
She: You put some of the glasses on the slab, and not in the drain board to let them dry.
Me: What difference does it make?
She: It makes a difference to ME.Coughs.To all of us.We prefer them to all be in the drain board.[Mark the We tone,she does that to mean the partner in crime.Mother of Slyness,Huh.]
Me: Have you taken a look at all the glasses and plates that I DO have in the drain board?
She: Yeah, so?
Me: Yeah, so? There is NO room for the extra glasses, so I’m letting them dry on the slab.
She: What do you mean, there’s no room. Of course there’s room!
Me: No there’s not. Where do you see any room to put these glasses?[Recently we've started being extremely rich in cutlery set for the flat's been full of aunty,Uncle and so and so atithi.We girls are so full of kitchen stuffs.]
She: Just rest them on top of the other glasses.
Me: You can’t do that… they’ll fall and break.
She: No, they won’t. 
Me: Yes, they will.
She: No, they won’t. Believe me… I've been doing the dishes too, and I stack the glasses every damn time, and the glasses are just fine.
Me: I don’t know what you do every time, but this damn time, there is too much crowd in the drain board, and if I try to rest those extra glasses on top, they are going to break.
She: They would break, if you did it.Remember Hot milk-pot case.(I did that once and the case is still open to my surprise, now I know.) But I do this all the time…. Just move over and let me do it. I don’t want glasses lying on the dirty slab.
Me: That is a very stupid plan.Besides the slab ain't dirty.Maasi's just washed it off now.
She:Would you just pause for a little.Really You talk too much. Here, let me show you…..

And with that, She bumped me to the side, and began to stack the offending glasses on top of the others.

It really did look like an expert job. I could tell that she in fact DOES do this all the time by the expert way that she stacked glass after glass……
…. The near perfect form she used as each item got perfectly perched upon another…….

In fact, it was SO perfect, that it took a WHOLE TEN SECONDS for one of the glasses to begin to slide off the one it was sitting on, tip over, and do a series of end-over-end somersaults down the pile of dishes, off the counter, where it admittedly made a near PERFECT explosion of glass shards as it came crashing down onto our kitchen floor.

We both stood there for a few seconds, neither one of us saying a word. Inside, I was feeling quite happy with myself.

I was about to either offer up an encouraging word of support, or throw out one of my really ratty sarcastic comment about what a good job she did, when she looked up at me and said…..

“I don't believe you.How did you stack em all before. You're just Gross with everything in kitchen.”

Soundtrack of the time: Ladies night.
Serve yourself.


  1. The Blog was Awesome but one sentence Caught my attention.... "You make lovely roti's"... When am i invited??

  2. Oh in that case, I must say, One should always look out for realistic tones of a writer..You see, you never know,who are they!!!