Sunday, July 22, 2012

People all get ready

Today is the Day.It's one of those amazing day,when you feel happiness and serenity in not doing the things you are supposed to do.What I am trying to get at is,I have a certification pending on 31st.I have a pretty timely bucket list to cover up before that.I have 8 sets of dumps to read and mug it up till the time I sit for the test.I know,I am slow.But the best thing is I get real slow at times. Like my little plan for the day was by the mid-day I MUST BE DONE WITH 3 SETS OF PRACTICE SETS.Did I start by any chance ? No. So I am not ranting this time,rather I am being happy exploring the possibilities.
My day started with a video on "Aurora Borealis".

How amazing would it be the live somewhere where seeing the lights happened semi-often? I'm not positive on this, but I've heard that they don't really happen that often and it takes a special collection of circumstances for them to be visible; in addition the colors and whatnot are dependent upon various conditions. Regardless.. I'm pretty sure I'd spend years on end living somewhere if I knew that one day I could see the lights.
So after this I spent a huge time on ebaying Rakshis for Raksha Bandhan is gonna be soon.
And then I jumped to my next week collection of pieces of music.So the supreme list goes like:
1.Iron & Wine
2.Gregory Alan Isakov
3.Ben Howard
4.Robert Plant
5.Alexi Murdoch
6.Jack Johnson
7.Joshua Radin
8.Nick Drake
9.The Civil War
And finally I discovered "The Frames".They have been there since the morning time.

Today is one of those days where I'm just thankful to be alive. I'm glad that I have a life to live, and I'm glad that I am free to spend it how I want, more or less. Obviously there will always be deadlines to meet and things to do, andsometimes  most times the motivation just isn't there. But that's life, and you know what? If you miss some deadlines, or don't always get done what you wanted, sometimes it's a blessing in itself to just have had the day to yourself in general. So I'm thankful for that.
 And in total,after wasting all this time, I talk to myself,I am the one who's gonna wrap it up all.And you know Glen Hansard sings out loud,
"People all get ready
'Cos we're breaking down again
Rebuild what's gone unsteady
And see it through with wiser hands"
Good Times :)


  1. life is full of positivity & optimism!! Explore the possibilities, break free & live life! On that note I feel you should get started with the certification preps too :) Good Luck....

  2. The first statement was to clear on your latest article :) Gotcha ..And Thanks ya.