Friday, July 27, 2012


gloom·y  (glm)
adj. gloom·i·ergloom·i·est
1. Partially or totally dark, especially dismal and dreary: a damp, gloomy day.
2. Showing or filled with gloom: gloomy faces.
a. Causing or producing gloom; depressing: gloomy news.
b. Marked by hopelessness; very pessimistic: gloomy predictions.

Definition of gloomy goes up like this.I was just feeling super-happy cause the weekend is here.Lately,Have I been telling you that these are the best days of life.For what reasons I have been extremely happy that makes me question myself.So I thought let's just have the very grotesque idea of being gloomy.Below activities for being gloomy are just my two cents.Do not relate it to your situation.
1.Do maths for hours together.They let me feel down.
2.Bunk a day office and listen to the soundtrack sitting idle in a lonely flat.I used to do the same in my school days.
3.Talk less.
4.Watch movies like Resident evil sequels.
5.At mid-night,wake up and stare outside bungle.
6.Avoid calls from the dear ones.
7.Get detached from everything.
8.Eat a lot.Anything and everything eatable around.
9.Recall your family people who died since the time you have been here.
10.Think of every single planchets you'd done during school days and where did they go wrong or right.

I guess that's it.I have started The Sixth Sense and I am almost not up to it.Being gloomy is not easy,Right.It's gonna be the weekend and I have to work from home tomorrow.Almost loaded with bug buckets and It's gonna be good,for sure.Ciaos.

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