Saturday, July 21, 2012

Music and Lyrics

I've got a story.
So yesterday my friend tweeted a song lyric. I read it and i was like, wait. I know this! I know! But i totally forgot the band, and i spent a couple minutes after to googling that song while trying to remember with just the title as a hint. Stupid me,i've not remembered those lyric my friend just tweeted, i'm just trying to remember it by myself. I'm kinda enjoying it, i mean 'the-so-happily-searching-feeling' and the part when i finally remember, you know, when the answer popped up in my brain all of sudden.
I call it the simple way of satisfaction.

This song itself,is a song i used to love, very much. The song i'm addicted to at the first time i hear, repeat it hundred times, googling the lyrics, memorize it well, repeat it even more. But DANG i've just forgotten it.
It is just so fascinating the way times kill memories, don't you think? The moment i read that tweet, i got the same DANG feeling.
I was playing the song and began to fall in love again. To both the song and my feeling when i hear it.
The exact old feeling. I've got a kick send me to the past last night. I was drown into my thought remember the old time and the difference with the present. The difference between a college student & a professional. Between pc and notebook, between two times.

I've gone trough wikipedia too!So i checked every musician list who have their songs in the particular genre.And i found it at the middle of that list. If I go I am Goin'!! I almost shout my screen out.
Always enjoy remembering.
I'm that kind of person.

It's almost Sunday and You people must take some rest and thank around.Happy Time Blokes.

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