Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Capturing This Moment

Life could not have been better. My room is an utter mess. I am moving to a whole new world in 2 days. I feel like I could stop yesterday's moments. The time with a special person would not rather wait. I sort of feel like my brain fell out of my head. . . and I keep running in to her room since I reached my flat and jumping up and down and chattering away like I'm a freaking 16 year-old . . .and then I try to climb in my bed but I end up wiggling around shooting light beams out of all the orifices in my face. . .and then I finally calm down, enough to relax under the covers and let my mind ruminate . . . and I just smile.  

I just wanted to Thank YOU.

A full-teeth, cheek-stretching, eye-scrunching grin.

This is going to be a happy time.May Be. No matter what the distance is.May Be.


  1. Enjoy the new place :)

  2. Sure I will :) You're active on blogspot :O

  3. so where you leaving to actually??

  4. Ankit.I m moving to Florida for my Masters..