Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sunday Morning & Happenings...!

So, Howdy People..!! It's Sunday. I Kind of worked late last night and woke up earlier. I have been thoroughly happy. Talking about being happy this morning we had a major topic of conversation.As in total far-fetched situation, we started talking about the most awkward moments of our lives and there we were rolling on floor laughing out loudly.

Awkward Story #1:

That was probably during my class 5 summer vacation. Cause on a working day I did not go to school.I was staring at TV whole day. My father was lying on the floor calculating something with some diaries around. Our main door was open and Ma was in the kitchen probably. Suddenly one fine lady opened the main gate of ours and I was peeping through the main-door curtain which I was doing by sitting on the sofa. She though looked unknown to me but with we-are-very-known-and-broad-smile kinda look she entered our home.In fact holding a big leaf in her hand. And crossing me in the dining room she approached to my father and told "Mr Sarangi, As you know you and me(we) are getting married this saturday, I have come here to invite you to our wedding party.Do come."(Of course in Oriya she told all these & Ran away like the same way she came).Ma & I were standing there around father gaping at him. With 2-3 minutes of figuring out what exactly happened, We all started laughing for like hours & hours. Mad People Amaze Us Most Of The Times .

Awkward Story #2:

Just couple of months ago,I requested for a cab facility to avail as I started working in second shift.My roommate who was supposed to go with my cab has moved temporarily to another location and so she could not join me in.So some other office friend was coming over to my apartment to pick me up.She said she was gonna bring another friend near by, and then we'd go together to office.  I had never seen that cab before, so I told her to call me when she got to my place.The text came:  "I'm here!"  I went out front and a little white car was parked in front of my apartment.It was already shiny & reflecting outside so I couldn't see through the windows.I just went and jumped in the backseat and dropped my bag near by.There, I found the a kid at the front seat started crying abruptly.Suddenly I jumped out of the car.And looked around.

She was parked behind the car with her head out the window laughing at me. 

Awkward Story #3 (Last one.. I could go on forever)

At the end year of college, all 6 of us girls decided to go to stay in one apartment for preparing for some exams.We were searching for apartments in Bhubaneswar. We went to one apartment complex with huge living room windows!  We thought that that would be a great place to live, so we walked inside the complex to check it out.  All of us girls walked up to the large window of an apartment, cupped our hands to our faces, and peered in through the doors. 

Turns out.. that apartment we decided to look into had their living room set up with their tv up against the window and a couch in front of it directly facing the tv (and naturally, the window).  And it just so happened that the couch (and living room) was full of people watching a movie.  And there we are, peering in through their living room window and making the most awkward eye contact with all of them.  

Immediately, all of us took off running without a second thought.We were completely out of the complex,across the parking lot,and halfway across the street before we realized what had happpened,so we sat down in the middle of the road and just laughed and laughed.

Adding on to some more situations it would be like, I once got into a toy car of my aunt's son,which had a closed case,just the doors were big.I was in class 6 then. I got stucked in there.And that took 20 minutes for my Ma to take me out of that small toy Car in front of all cousins.

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