Sunday, January 6, 2013

Floridaaaaa : This summer I went Swimming

This could not have been better. Or a lot to take a toil on.My classes are getting started tomorrow. With all hopes and wishes for all I am going to  plunge. Hope life has something more sweeter in the upcoming days.I have not had  a chance of exploring the place all around though everything seems good to me. And yes. How can I forget about the swimming pools. Every inches I cross the road I see pools around. And our University pool is an amazing thing to happen to me I suppose.
And my soundtrack for rest of the days till summer comes up and as long as I travel by RTS to classes would be: The Swimming Song- Loudon Wainwright 3.

As long as I was roaming around the university departments it was ok. The time I entered to the department of recreational Center, It was something my heart started melting in the frozen spring.I am so looking forward to summer. 


  1. Some day I am going to learn to swim... seriously someday I will.. maybe this summer I will go to a resort with just learning swimming on my mind..

  2. Oh You must :) I am so happy that I anyway am able to inspire people ;) Happy New Year To You & Family.

  3. Glad! You are enjoying your new place. Good Luck!