Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

I will do ANYTHING besides preparing to pack my bag.

Did I tell you, I am moving! After a year trial my destination is defined. I am going to do my Masters in Information Systems & Operations Management at University Of Florida. And today happened to be the day, My Visa got delivered to my home.

And not so very surprisingly I am not happy. Just not happy. I knew it was about to happen. Anytime before I used to fancy Dr. Seuss telling "Oh the places you'll go".. and new people and lots of new things to learn and life moving on. It was enchanting of course. Till the time today. Suddenly ,but slowly, I have developed that fear inside me. Fear of moving away from everything in my very own country, office, flat and home & people. That word "change" is not so very easy to adhere to. Being on your own completely,in a small world and trying onto your goals was certainly so inspiring and when the goal is just some days away, I feel terribly alone.

I would rather clean my room, do the dishes, get amrita's mehndi done, look up old hindi movie videos on youtube, take my vitamins, fold laundry, sit on my bed, blog, watch my micromax bling charge, make a copy, quote movies, eat dark chocolate,sit in the cafeteria for hours, talking to near and dear ones about nothing valuable, eat chicken rolls every now and then, click a pen,stare at malgudi days book, lay on the floor, office swimming pool photo shoot, dream of swimming, and waiting to swim tomorrow after a long gap,drink coffee, stare out the window, talk to roomies about crushes, practice, do my hair, clip my nails, sort c.d.s, dust a shelf, read a book, read the paper, or talk to myself...

ANYTHING. Just as long as I don't have to do my packing.It bothers a lot.
Procrastination defines me. But alas, People have to move on...Neither Time waits for anybody nor I am a kiddo who is going to drop the plan forever. It has to work out. So off I go.
Hope my little life has something good to be unfolded.

Prayers! And prayers for all those who hold on to things till they get it done.

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