Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ravalgaon's Mango Mood

Holler ON.Let's just rewind couple of years from Now and get into those DD1 days.Talking of which,all of us can blabber those thousand dollar serials and ads,right.Who forgets those days!Alrighty,I am not gonna make any more nostalgic posts.Just a thought of the time.In fact A RAVALGAON MANGO MOOD Thought.My flatmates Birthday was,days ago.She got this box of varieties of chocolates of ages.

No matter how much you grow up and show those Un-hinged quel time are past us,with every small hinted entry of stuffs one would love to rewind them.I mean those Sunday Morning & DD1 cartoons and chandrakanta till mid-day!!But out of all I must say Mango mood had made my time then. It's like Jazzy-Lazy-Crazy,For every Mood -Mango Mood From Ravalgaon. :) I used to figure out my day's luck with the piece of wrapper I got for that day In the shop. And then when my sister's got that lazy flavor,It was not a good day for her,as we were high on poking her,totally.

Anyway,The whole point is it's all our mind and what we cook inside.There was this quote somebody qouted,"Make your mind an interesting place to live for the rest of your life."
PS: I just had a good time with Barfi and swimming today.Soundtrack of time:

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