Friday, September 7, 2012

Tiny Little Secrets

While I am not really in a mood of sounding profound and striking my knowledge-streaks at almost mid-night, I just figured out that I can not just keep awake all night doing nothing.So here comes the post.Yet another cheesy post and you know why.Follow-ups to the book I am now with.I am gonna let out couple of my creepy secrets just to feel that after-this-post-I-may-see-my-mirror-effect-and-drop-the-very-grotty-idea.Anyway.

1.In the afternoon when I reach out to my workstation I always drink the water from the bottle which I left last night.And every time I lie to Amrita that I filled this afternoon.
2.I may ask people's name every now and then even after iterative introduction.I mean I-give-that-what's-there-in-a-name kind of look but then deep inside I think am I that guy with Korsakoff's syndrome from 51st Dates?
3.I side-cut that sweet polka dotted black skirt of my sister with the hedge cutter just cause she accidentally discolored my red-top that I was so in love & wore that to almost all morning English classes in a row.
4.I redeem with my talks in-front of messy friend group that Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorite number where as I just have not watched it end-to-end ever. I just fast-forward it every time.Replace that with You've got mail.
And wait.Last one is a hit.Watch out.

He: So what's the weekend plan?
I: Oh, Some good sleep and then may be skating or swimming.
He: Oh nice to know that you do skate. So what,Roller? (*Snorts*)
I: Surely Nope. I do Inline.It's pacing up buddy.Ain't no Kid with rollers ON.You gotta be kidding me.
Damn. I am an In-line novice FYI.I always do much of air sorta banter to people who snorts at me.

Anyway,Let's snap off here and complete the book. Chapter 7.



  1. Lovely, honest post Jazzo! I wonder If i were to write what would those points be...

    Lets give a thought to this currently idle brain now

    On that post Just a Question: Why name SSR your fav movie? I mean you can well Say that Tom Hanks flick to be your fav

  2. Point hai baat mein Sir.. Do come up with one such post..But yaar If I had to flaunt about Tom Hanks then I must say Cast away or Saving private ryan or something like that.People wont buy me on You've got mail kinda numbers for tom-hankism.Rather it would sound more wanna-be.