Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Hand In My Pocket

The Spring-Summer-Fall-Winter days are here.What do you do?You get out of your cobweb and look around for hand in hand just to look around the the guy playing mouth-organ around.You start talking impeccable stuffs to your 10 flock of friends with your smattering datas.Or may be you just draw a graph of economy downfall inside your mind with accurate figures and spend some pretty-shitty sum of money on your cheesy boutique scarf collections.You are one of those dwarfs who dramatically succeed in pole-vaulting,ain't you?So then what are you?You have been hauling up and circumspecting about everything till the last minute and you did not opt for that.You of course can be a needy when you got it all.So grab your coat, and get your hat,leave your worry on the doorstep,just direct your feet to the seasonal side of the streets,as you prefer.Cause everyday people are far-fetched oxymorons.

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