Thursday, November 24, 2011


Has anybody been recently strolling one's thoughts over my posts.Nope.Yes.Whatelse!Well I do.I need a frame now.Sick of those same place,same rants and now want to renew all.I kind of get the idea behind why do people run around the globe!I wish i could get a mind to get into.The very same hackneyed brain in the very same stuffs around,have become lame.This just hit me today while travelling around streets of Hyderabad.How different streets speak of different stories and how the time of turning to our very own homey street make me feel dead.I wish i could change all by now and then.I have kinda stopped liking the trees,leaves by my window.The morning music at my neighbours is making me go mad.The same arrangements at all my places is just so dead.I don't feel life any more.Do they sell thoughts and mind these days,cause I am looking into buying.

Fly me to nowhere...
I've never been there.I promise I'll be back one day.

There comes times when I wish I'd be no more.
There are hours, there are days.

And yet you wish me be mortal.
Ordinary amongst those who roams the lands.

Touched by an angel.
Brought to be more than I wanted, into the light.

Redeemed of my sins.
Dispersed like ashes in the sea.
That's where you'll find me...

At the sea...Fingers to toes...
Death releases us all.

I am being.World rotating or world crashed down.
We all fall down the same vastness.

Can I leave it all behind?
Just for a little while...

yet kept this human cover...
No one can hear me...
No one can see me...
Lost and found...

Swim until you drown. Love until you hate.

It's all I know.


  1. pack the bags.. retreat to the mountains.A fresh mountain air would definately serve a good purpose of bringing calmness to the lame mind. and yes not to forget..beautiful piece of writing. way to go :-)

  2. Oh yeah Ankit.The Lonesome starts here.Into the wild.Thank You :)

  3. And btw I totally bought your kinda suggestions.

  4. Yes.Not so far.Today a small one to a place in outer Hyd.