Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Heisenberg Certainty Principle

(A position-wise image from my room)
It's 4.47am.I am still awake,alive and was walking around.I know where do i stand and i am seeing the Sun rising.Makes me questioning,How? The stuffs around me are pretty lucid and gettable,where as stuffs inside my head are considered to be much more hazy.No they are not.Lets take a turn around and think of all the particles has the same base.So why different properties?Heisenberg said, at one particular given time,we can not possibly get the accuracy of all characteristics (Position,Momentum) of a particle.They for sure will lead to blurred values and so as faulty outcomes.So why do blokes yell sometimes 'know where you stand and know where & how you are heading to'.That'd be absolute foolishness.In that case,If we regard reality as something universally perceivable,then there would be no movement of electrons around the nucleus(momentum).If no electron movement is there,then how can we recognise the reality.Then it can be called just as a human perception,Not reality.As per this 'The rising Sun is not actually rising,Infact it is not there.It is just a simple Imagination'.
Let's have a look here.

Heisenberg: "One cannot observe the electron orbits inside the atom. [...] but since it is reasonable to consider only those quantities in a theory that can be measured, it seemed natural to me to introduce them only as entities, as representatives of electron orbits, so to speak."
Einstein: "But you don't seriously believe that only observable quantities should be considered in a physical theory?"
"I thought this was the very idea that your Relativity Theory is based on?" Heisenberg asked in surprise.
"Perhaps I used this kind of reasoning," replied Einstein, "but it is nonsense nevertheless. [...] In reality the opposite is true: only the theory decides what can be observed."

So i am the theory.Deciding what is my scope of momentum in a limited era.


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