Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finding Ndugu

"Dear Mr. Warren Schmidt,

My name is Sister Nadine Gautier,of the Order of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart.I work in a smaII viIIage near Mbeya in Tanzania.One of the children I care for,is IittIe Ndugu Umbu,the boy you sponsor.Ndugu is a very inteIIigent boy and very Ioving.He is an orphan.RecentIy, he needed medicaI attention,for an infection of the eye,but he's better now.He Ioves to eat meIon and he Ioves to paint.Ndugu and I want you to know,that he receives aII of your Letters.He hopes that you are happy in your Iife and healthy.He thinks of you every day and he wants very much your happiness.Ndugu is onIy six years oId and cannot read or write,but he has made for you a painting.He hopes that you will Iike his painting.

Yours sincerely 
Sister Nadine Gautier."

 May be a person dies in twenty years or may be tomorrow,it does not matter.What matters is,what difference has one's Life's made to anyone.You may be thinking your life never made an ounce move in other's,but there is always some Ndugu,who thinks it's you,cause of which he is alive.And someday either You or Ndugu will find each other. 

 Courtesy:About Schmidt (About Us)

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