Monday, October 6, 2008

28th september,2008,6.23pm-6.24pm

what if earth will not be oblate spheroid(being a rectangle)..den 2.5 days will be added when a man crosses the international data line from north to south..rather than a single day..then 28th september,2008,6.23pm to 6.24pm will be shifted to unknown time period not as usual math calculation..coz as the atmospherical changes,,then accordingly the mind perception will change..what i aspire in my 3rd world always..then even the concept of holocaust will get its new definition as per the altitude and latitude will differ.glacier recession will surely be in different direction..unlike brahmaputra bend and most interestingly the indo-bangladesh relation..twin paradox will not ever work even the newton's 1st law..and most probably my life..'cause of more effective newton's 3rd law..i could have the response of my sms..rather than stopping it..escape velocity would be more and so as life would never be out of the earth...uhmm...and so on the dream goes...dont know when i will get its not rectangle its oblate spheroid...3rd world has become a part of my life..helpless..why in this spheroid earth electromagnetic waves are less efficient?? if it would not be mind vibes can easily be captured by the counterpart..i am helpless..always a question is revolving around my head why the earth is not rectangular??? kepler's law go to hell..we dont need you..just spare us out..and may be the virtual world is good!!!!!!!!

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