Monday, December 15, 2008


I walked along a 20yrs long pool side era n dere i saw fish family...da older ones r inactive n da younger ones r very active....da crabs waiting 4 dere aim...da older fish waitin for the gills 2 work out properly..da prawns r nt visible exactly!!! i got 2 see snakes crwling inside dat in search ov frogs..others r making a frogmarch ov da larger one...da aim:only 2 b satisfied..

cann't u guess onething that is the existence ov da head is spinning along with the cycle..

sumtyms ago sumbody called me up and said to go through the exam schedule..n now i m watching da gazumped aquatic family ...

the algae ..the bacteria..the fungi..n all the aquatic elements got their modifications by staying together....but the reality is sumthing different!!!!!

whoa!!! in the end i got the reply ..

the older snakes n da fish family r so fishy!!! only cause dey stay together...

now being a humanbeing i ve thought to be alone....

soo i m continuing still 2 walk alone n only alone.....2 b "I"!!!!!

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